The Supreme Speckle Park Sale

2019 The Supreme Speckle Park Sale Results

Bulls averaged $5809

Females averaged $7906

Embryos averaged $1333

5 Doses of Semen averaged $700/dose

Commercial averaged $1537

Hide Auctioned in Support of the CSPA Junior Program

At the Supreme Speckle Park Sale April 6th, Ravenworth Cattle generously donated 100% of sale proceeds from a Speckle Park Hide Auctioned off to the CSPA Junior Program. 

Total of $3400.00 was raised for Speckle Park Youth.

Thank you to Ravenworth Cattle, Gary & Donna Berting & Family, as well as the following buyers who contributed to the Junior Program:

Greenwood Speckle Park

Riverhill Farms

Silver Tip Speckle Park

We are honoured to have this contribution made by our members and will be releasing details soon on a new 2019 Junior Program.