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Nov 27th CWA National Speckle Park Show & Sale



Ladies of the Fall Sale Results

8 Bred Cows Avg: $8,288
21 Bred Heifers Avg: $7,833
4 Heifer Calves Avg: $4,500
5 Commercial Bred Heifers Avg: $2,000
4 Planned Matings Avg: $4,938
36 Embryos Avg: $1,192 per embryo
20 Sement Doses Avg: $613 per lot

Total Sale Gross $366,150

Preferred Stock Sale Results

1 Bull: $5000
1 Pick of Herd: $15,000
7 Pairs Avg: $5107
10 Breds Avg: $9040
5 Opens Avg: $8030
1 Flush: $5000
2 Semen Lots Avg: $10,213
12 Embryo Lots Avg: $5975

39 Lots Grossed $273,425

Pura Vida Acres Disperal Sale Results

Cow/Calf Pairs Averaged $9,910.71
Purebred Bred Heifers Averaged: $7,000.00
Commercial Bred Heifers Averaged: $2,250.00
Bull Average: $3,250.00

Leading Edge Speckle Park Sale Results

Bulls Averaged $4814.00

Females Averaged $11,916.00

Embryos Averaged $1612.50 per embryo

Semen Averaged $218.00 per dose

Top Cut Speckle Park Sale Results

Date: April 20, 2019 – 8:39am

27 Bulls Average $3892.59

10 Heifer Avg $4950.00

5 Commercial Heifers Avg $1533.33

20 Doses Semen Avg $75/dose

2 Cow/Calf paris $5375/pair

18 Embryos avg $983.33/embryo

Gross: 50 Lots $176,000.00

Hide Auctioned in Support of the CSPA Junior Program

At the Supreme Speckle Park Sale April 6th, Ravenworth Cattle generously donated 100% of sale proceeds from a Speckle Park Hide Auctioned off to the CSPA Junior Program. 

Total of $3400.00 was raised for Speckle Park Youth.

Thank you to Ravenworth Cattle, Gary & Donna Berting & Family, as well as the following buyers who contributed to the Junior Program:

Greenwood Speckle Park

Riverhill Farms

Silver Tip Speckle Park

We are honoured to have this contribution made by our members and will be releasing details soon on a new 2019 Junior Program. 

The Supreme Speckle Park Sale Results

Bulls averaged $5809

Females averaged $7906

Embryos averaged $1333

5 Doses of Semen averaged $700/dose

Commercial averaged $1537

The Source Bull & Female Sale Results

22 Bulls Averaged $3900

19 Heifers Averaged $5395

4 Genetic Lots Grossed $22,400.00

45 Lots total grossed $210,700.00, Average $6682.00

Legacy Speckle Park Online Sale Results

2 yr old bulls averaged $5432.00 selling to Oklahoma-USA, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Commercial Heifers $1492.00

2019 Summit 3 Sale Results

Two Year Old Bulls- 16 sold averaging $6,484.00

Yearling Bulls- 32.5 sold averaging $5815.00

Heifer Calves- 13 Sold averaging $9808.00

Embryos- 36 sold averaging $1183.00/embryo

Semen- 96 Doses sold averaging $269.00/dose

2019 Herdbuilder Bull & Female Sale Results


136 total viewers from 5 Countries, 7 Canadian Provinces and 20 US States


10 registered yearling bulls sold AVG = $4,270
3 registered age bulls sold AVG = $2,967
6 registered yearling heifers sold AVG = $5,867
2 registered young prospect heifers sold AVG = $4,150
3 registered bred females sold AVG = $8,317
1 flush offer sold = $4,200
2 packages of semen sold AVG = $225/straw 
2 embryos lots sold AVG = $1,100

2018 CWA Speckle Park Sale Results

Sale Results

1 Cow/Calf Pair Averaged $24,000.00

1 Pick of the Herd Averaged $24,000.00

1/2 Interest Bull Calf Averaged $20,000.00

14 Heifer Calves Averaged $11,750.00

4 Bred Heifers Averaged $11,1187.50

34 Embryos Averaged $1616.18

16 Unites of Semen Averaged $312.50


20.5 Live lots Grossed $277,250.00 and Averaged $13,524.39

Sale Grossed $337,200.00

High Selling Bull Calf

Lot 101 INC Six Gun 428F Sired by Caja Zeppelin 1B (1/2 Interest, Full Possession) was purchased by Ranch Lougami, Asbestos, QC and Ranch Therriault, Compton, QC and Peevee Farm, Mansonville, QC for $20,000.00

High Selling Pick of the Herd

Lot 102 Pick of the Herd was purchased by Codiak Acres of Ardrossan, AB for $24,000.00

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair

Lot 103 & 103A- Outback Aurora 105D sired by Moovin Spotz Avenger 28A and her calf Outback Cheyenne 105F sired by Uneeda Dominator 106D was purhcased by Wrangler Farms, Westlock, AB for $24,000.00

High Selling Heifer Calves

Lot 112 Greenwood First Lady DJP 6F sired by Codiak Scape Goat GNK 88A was purchased by KK Seedstock, Richmond, VA for $22,000.00

Lot 104 INC Havana 101F sired by CAJA Zeppelin 1B was purchased by KK Seedstock, Richmond, VA for $17,000.00

Lot 107 Underhille Matrix 1F sired by Legacy Pursuit 47Y was purchased by Colesdale Farms, Meaford, On for $14,000.00

Lot 109 River Hill 60A Fancy Lady 96F sired by Codiak Oh My Gosh GNK 60A was purchased by Green Valley Farms, Chilliwack, BC for $13,500.00

Lot 110 River Hill 2B First Chance 17F sired by Second Chance Bazinga 2B was purchased by Spot R’ None, Asquith, SK and Edge Water, Asquith, SK for $13,500.00

Lot 106B Ravenworth Prarie Lilly 119F sired by Ravenworth Navigator 15Z was purchased by Hidden Valley Speckle Park, Dungay Creek, Australia for $13,000.00

Lot 105A Notta 110B Kat 204F sired by Spots ‘N Sprouts Bart 110B was purchased by Wrangler Farms, Westlock, AB for $12,000.00

Lot 108 Colgan’s Fancy Face 16F sired by Colgan’s Baxter 1B was purchased by Highmark Speckle Park, Hague, SK for $10,000.00

A&W Fallen Angel 5F sired by Codiak Scape Goat GNK 88A was purchased by French Market Stock, Lisle, ON for $10,000.00

Lot 115 Andrchris Freda 9F sired by Upto Specs Ulysses 25U was purchased by Outback Stock Farms, Sturgeon County, AB for $10,000.00

Lot 116 Calico Creek Fortune 23F sired by Flying E Abner 4A was purchased by Colgan’s Cattle Company Corp. and Below Sea Level, Lashburn, SK for $10,000.00

High Selling Bred Heifers

Lot 118 Silver Tip Electra 43E sired by Upto Specs Ulysses 25U was purchased by KFC Farms Ltd, Abbotsford, BC and Big Wig Speckle Park Group, Hillivile, Australia for $15,500.00

Lot 119 Andrchris Eunike 31E sired by Codiak Putnam GNK61Y was purchased by Wrangler Farms, Westlock, AB for $10,750.00

Lot 120 D.A.M. Dots Enticing 41E sired by River Hill 60W Line Drive 54Z was purchased by Big Wig Speckle Park Group, Hillivile, Austraila for $10,500.00